Here I write regularly about the things that really matter to me in my work. I hope you enjoy reading about them!

  • The way we ask for what we want plays a pivotal role in how we navigate and experience all our relationships. The Wheel of Consent created by sex educator Betty Martin, is a powerful model and practice which gives us tools to navigate creating agreements safely and skilfully.

  • Are you seeking sex, when actually what you want is touch? Most of us, myself included have probably at some point sought sex, when actually what we were yearning for was simply human contact. Consensual, pleasurable sex is a wonderful thing, and can be healing in itself, however we don’t [Read more…]

  • Kissing is generally a way we express some kind of intimacy and closeness. An affectionate kiss of care to our children, a peck on the check to our friend, and when it comes to our lover? There is a whole universe of kisses available to explore!

  • Did you know that playful activity is not only fun, but has numerous benefits to us? Most children play naturally and it’s how they learn many skills, such as healthy boundaries and human connection. As adults we may stop playing entirely, and we laugh much less than when we were [Read more…]

  • Stephen Porges Polyvagal theory (1994) has been a huge addition to the understanding of the human nervous system, and how stress and trauma affects most people to some degree and how to work with this. “Polyvagal theory – understanding trauma” is a brief summary of the workings of the nervous [Read more…]

  • Tantric Massage Brighton seeks to provide an authentic experience for men and women who wish to have a sensuous, full-body massage in an atmosphere of really being taken care of with the possibility to drop into deep relaxation and pleasure.

  • Eroticism, choice and change; the three are intimately related. Firstly, some reflections on the meaning of erotic. The word comes from the Greek, Eros, pertaining to love and desire. Dictionary definitions describe erotic as arousal to sexual love, desire and excitement.

  • “how important it is to integrate respect for women’s sexual pleasure into our understanding of female well-being in general, and to understand how the many ways in which it is either respected or devalued in society directly affect women’s power and potential in society.” Naomi Wolf.

  • I’m using those words to describe an experience which includes the feeling of potent, orgasmic sensation, but does not arise due to genital stimulation, and may have no association whatsoever with the genitals. Also, this type of orgasm tends to last longer than conventional orgasm.

  • The word surrender means to stop fighting, or to stop trying to control an emotion or experience. Everyone will feel the very foundation of their life rocked at some point whether through loss, illness or some other major change.

  • I’ve discovered through working with people over the years that saying no can be challenging and difficult for many of us. Having access to “no” is not only essential to a healthy life, without it our “yes” is meaningless.