About Julia

There is nothing more gratifying to me to invite others back to the wisdom and joy of who they are, and if possible to live an inspired and in pleasure-filled life.

I am interested in transformation. I belief the purpose of life is change... We can let change happen to us, or we can consciously engage with the change we desire. My life has been a quest from struggle, to active engagement into discovering freedom, empowerment and love. 

My restless spirit and curiosity to know led me to travel, taking me to Asia for seven years from age nineteen. Later I spent many years studying acupuncture, Tantra, embodiment, movement, dance, and consent practices. Each of these have supported me to "unlearn" and "dis-cover" who I am. Life has also been a strong teacher. Through the personal challenge of bereavement, later followed by a serious health diagnoses I was brought to my knees.  I had to find my inner strength to get up again, and to find a new way of being. All of these experiences have made me who I am today and in retrospect I feel liberated through them.

Now I facilitate others in finding their own empowerment and inspiration. Nothing brings me more joy!  Personally I continue to learn, I am humbled by what I've experienced and I strive to love each moment of this precious life as much as I'm able.