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(Julia Hancock – www.heartnova.com – January 2019) 

Perhaps you've heard something about Tantric massage and wondered what it is and if it's for you. Some people are using the word "tantric" as a selling point for erotic massage, but there may be no connection to Tantra whatsoever! I will aim to clarify....

Tantric Massage Brighton seeks to provide an authentic experience for men and women who wish to have a sensuous, full-body massage in an atmosphere of really being taken care of with the possibility to drop into deep relaxation and pleasure. This can bring much enjoyment of your own body and can be deeply healing. When we reclaim our own pleasure this can have a profound affect on our everyday life as our expectations and perception tends to shift towards the positive. 

Personal boundaries will be discussed at the start of the session. You may wish to be partially or fully naked. In tantra we want to honour the whole person, and the whole body is seen as equal, and all deserving healthy touch. All of the body has the possibility to feel alive, sensuous and erotic. Sexual energy is the energy of life! 

I have been on my own Tantric journey, since 2005. I have also run workshops and sessions in Tantra and intimacy since 2010. Tantra brought many gifts of inviting me to accept myself, to reclaim parts of myself I had turned away from, or disowned. This is particularly true of my sensuality and sexuality which now feels more natural and joyous to me than before Tantra. 

I love to create sacred space for you to experience the pleasure and magnificence of your own body. I love to support you in feeling more acceptance and pleasure in all of your body. You will be welcomed with a smile into a safe and comfortable space; time for you to for relaxation and pleasure. The possibility to really feel your own body without having to perform or to give to another.

The particular massage I work with in Brighton is the Taoist style Tantric massage. This provides a truly Tantric journey combining a range of touch from light erotic touch to deeper invigorating strokes. The whole sequence works not only on the physical body, but on the energy channels which can create a powerful opening in body and spirit. Behind the ethos of this Tantric massage is the idea of the "no mind" state. When both the giver and receiver enter into a state of in-the-moment presence it's possible for the receiver to experience a deep state of bliss and profound pleasure. I love to provide this container for you to experience this expansion and pleasure. By the end of this journey the receiver is often in a state beyond words, feeling deeply relaxed, satiated and in a state of joyful aliveness. 

"This is the tantric definition of our sexuality: the return to absolute innocence, absolute oneness. The greatest sexual thrill of all is not a search for thrills, but a silent waiting – utterly relaxed, utterly mindless. One is conscious, conscious only of being conscious. One is consciousness. One is contented but there is no content to it. And then there is great beauty, great benediction". OSHO

Some benefits of Tantric massage:

  • release shame
  • increase pleasure
  • deep relaxation
  • positive perspective
  • increase energy levels
  • personal confidence
Most of us grow up with some sense of sexual shame. This can cause us to feel negative towards ourself, and create difficulty in relationship. Tantra says sexuality is the base of all our life-force. We are all born from sexuality. Until we feel liberated and happy in our sexuality, we will alway be holding back, and unfulfilled. What are you doing to support the joy of your sexuality? I'd be very happy to support you moving into greater acceptance and pleasure in your body. Come and see me if you'd like to go on this fulfilling journey. 

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  1. Hello. My name is Jason and I really like the approach that you take. I have had tantric therapeutic massage before and have found it very very helpful and supportive. I am local and wanted to ask you what is the timing of your sessions and the cost please.
    Thanks so much

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      Hello Jason, thank you for reading the blog and your comments. I have a particular process for booking, this usually begins with email contact, I’ll send you some specifics about how I work, and then a brief meeting. Please can you email me to see if this is something we decide to move forwards with? julia@heartnova.com

  2. Hi my name is Don I am very interested in meeting you I am only in Brighton for a few days could we please meet
    Don ❤️
    My mobile is 0417911187

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