Welcome, I'm Julia.
I'd like to invite you to

make those changes you want...
have a more fulfilled life...
live your dream...

Welcome, I'm Julia.

It’s my greatest passion to create nurturing environments which invite you to transform what’s not working in your life into what feels great. My work uses modalities to support you to become the best version of who you want to be. I work with individuals, couples and groups, and I’m based in Brighton UK. My tool kit draws upon many techniques from embodiment, movement and consent practices.

Do you feel like you're ready for change?

Sometimes in life we can experience a feeling of being stuck, or some sense of monotony. With support we can broaden our perspective and get back on a track we actually want to be on.

Do you want more fulfilling relationships?

As social creatures relationships are essential to our very survival. How we communicate, express ourselves and create intimacy has a huge effect on our quality of life.

Are you yearning for more meaning in life?

Life tends to have the meaning we bring to it. Without any time or space to reflect on what it is we really want, and how to create it, life can become dry, robotic and meaningless.

Do you want to feel more sensually alive?

It is through our body that we experience sensation and aliveness. If we spend much of our time existing "in our head" we may feel sensually and sexually deprived.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Do you feel a call for change and want to create more meaning, transparency in relationships, sensual aliveness, sexual empowerment and creative self-expression? Are you ready to go on an adventure of your life?

Would you like a free 15 minute chat with me?

Would you like to drop me an email to arrange a free 15 minute chat about anything which you feel I may be able to support you with?
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  • Thank you for facilitating a really beautiful experience in the  “Exploring Feminine Essence” Tantra afternoon.   I had no expectations of the day and was astonished at how powerful yet tender it was.  It was a hugely healing and nurturing afternoon.  You enabled all of us [read more…]

  • “I was very impressed with Julia’s wheel of consent 6 week course. The material itself is extremely useful and practical – there is an ethos and exercises that I started to apply immediately to both my personal and professional life with excellent results. I learnt [read more…]

  • “The group has been a lot of fun and really eye opening for learning about how I interact with people on lots of levels. As well as becoming more confident about tuning into and trusting what I want in physical interactions it’s also had a [read more…]

How I can work with you...


I ran numerous groups solo and in collaboration working with movement, dance, embodiment practices, conscious kink, Tantric meditations and consent practices. Being in a group setting can be dynamic, fun and a useful learning mirror for all of us!

Individuals sessions

I work with you to discover what supports you to make the change you want. Each session is tailored to you as an individual in a safe and focussed non-judgmental space. We navigate together and I offer tools and techniques to support your experience and transformation.

Couples sessions

Private sessions permit the focus to be all about your special relationship. I offer tools and techniques to support you during the session to have an experience which is aligned to what you want, and suggest practices between sessions.

Wheel of Consent

This is for people who wish to deepen their communication skills, and explore the dynamics of giving and receiving in consensual agreement. This can be focused into conscious touch practice if so desired, yet tends to benefit all relationships in life.


Is a movement based led group which can have a therapeutic positive affect through the use of dance, touch and music. Usually there’s a release of tension and an increase of relaxation and pleasure through reestablishing connection with oneself and others in a nourishing way.


Tantra is an ancient practice with a contemporary use for deepening the human connection to body, life and spirit. There are numerous Tantric meditations and practices, some focus on sensual embodiment, some on relationship dynamics, others on spiritual relationship.