For inspiration, for connection, for life!…

Dance can energise, enliven and uplift us. Conscious dance events are a space to celebrate life and connect in dance with ourself and others without drugs or alcohol.

When we bring together dance and awareness we can create deeper connection with ourself, our community and the world we life in. Dance is so natural, we don’t need to know how to, we just need to want to do it. Not only is it exercise for the body, dance can relieve the stresses of the mind and take our soul into the experience of the ecstatic.

Julia originally trained in Biodanza, sometimes translated as the Dance of Life. This system uses dance and meditations to help a person develop their unique human potential and joy of life. Later this evolved into Vital Development which is a technique to bring the person back into connection with love, to feel the gratitude towards life and to have a sense of the sacred nature of life and the world.

Julia has created TantraDance which is a merging of the above dance techniques with Tantric meditations.

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