Welcome to Heartnova

Heartnova is dedicated to positive human transformation. The analogy of nova – an exploding star which ignites releases much energy and fuses with other stars – is a beautiful metaphor. Each person must take the journey within to ignite his or her heart into greater expansion, greater love. This inner transformation naturally emanates outwards and affects others. May we all shine like the bright stars that we are in essence, and may this ignite a more loving world.

What We Do

Through dance, movement, beautiful music and a supportive group invites a journey of profound self-discovery. As we become more of our true nature we become more joyful in our celebration of life.



Meditation and practises which invite us into feeling and sensing a broader experience of body and spirit. As we expand we fall in love with ourself, other and existence saying “yes” to experience and yes to life.



A complete health-care system which has been practised for around 5,000 years. Through the insertion of fine acupuncture needles the energy of the body is brought back into a state of harmony, in turn bringing the person back into a state of health. To find out more please visit www.fracupuncture.co.uk