The Wheel of Consent Weekend – Brighton – 13/14th June 2020

Date: 13/14th June  – Weekend intensive.  

Anahata Health, Brighton BN20JL 

Start time: 10am
End time: 6pm (5pm Sunday). 

£150 (until 23rd May)  in advance.
£170 full price after this date. 

Reduced rate for helpers – if available. Do ask! 

50% off to past Wheel of Consent course participants. 

Payment required in advance.
Click here for details of how to pay.

This weekend course is the official curriculum designed by Dr Betty Martin, the creator of the Wheel of Consent®. The Wheel of Consent is a map of personal dynamics, an enquiry into human behaviour and perhaps most importantly it’s a practice. The Wheel of Consent has become very popular over the last few years because it is such a useful model to support change in personal patterns of behaviour, and create clear relationship agreements in all areas of life. 

What will happen on the weekend? 

  • Teaching the Wheel of Consent, and how it constructed as a map, such as the difference between “Who is doing?” and “Who is it for?” This creates the four Quadrants; Serve, Accept, Take, Allow, and the shadow behaviours of each. 
  • Group discussion is often a core part of the weekend. Relating and empathy can be a powerful tool in awareness and learning. 
  • “Waking up the hands” is a meditative, self-practice exercise which is core to the Wheel of Consent to invite an embodied experience of feelings, and a sensitivity through touch. 
  • Opportunity to participate in shared touch exercises to have a felt-sense of the Four Quadrants at a somatic level. 

The Wheel of Consent supports people from all walks of life to become more aware of personal dynamics in relating. It is a powerful tool to disentangle human conditioning, enabling individual freedom to create safe, clear communication in relationships; in all areas of life. 

If you take this course you may develop some or all of the following:

  • greater awareness of what your boundaries are at any given time and ease in maintaining healthy boundaries when you want to.
  • insight into how you’ve been operating in personal dynamics.
  • ability to listen to what you want and how to communicate this.
  • healthy outlets for your desires to be met.
  • respect and empathy for others desires, needs and boundaries.
  • freedom from limited behaviour  patterns and shame. 
  • Self-regulation, the ability to know when to slow down, to pause and be with yourself when faced with choice, desire, and in life in general.  

CHOICE-CENTRIC: Everything is an invitation during the weekend. This means it is your choice if you share verbally or with the touch practices in the group.

TOUCH: during this weekend is usually limited to the hands and arms. 

PARTICIPANTS: individuals and couples both welcome. 

There will be no nudity in the group; this is a clothed workshop.

Here’s a short video on The Wheel of Consent:


Fees and contact:

£150 early-bird discount price until 23rd May.

Then regular price £170. 

Discounted places for helpers, if available. Please ask. 

50% off the current price if you have attended my six weeks or weekend format Wheel of Consent courses in the last few years. The art of going deeper is to keep practicing this stuff! 

To join the group please email


Julia has been holding Wheel of Consent groups since 2016 and is a certified Wheel of Consent® facilitator. 

Feedback from previous participants:

“I was very impressed with Julia`s wheel of consent 6 week course. The material itself is extremely useful and practical – there is an ethos and exercises that I started to apply immediately to both my personal and professional life with excellent results. I learnt a lot about how I operate in intimate and other relationships and with this information could make new choices of behaviour. The actual group was fun and I appreciated how Julia responded to what was shared. As always I love her humour and zest for pleasure.” Helen Thatcher, Hove.

“The group has been a lot of fun and really eye opening for learning about how I interact with people on lots of levels. As well as becoming more confident about tuning into and trusting what I want in physical interactions it`s also had a big effect on day to day situations. I`ve started to notice the difference between what I want and what I`m prepared to go along with, and to ask for what I actually want more often. I`d absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to feel clearer about what they really want.” Angus Singleton, Brighton.

Julia has completed various trainings with Betty (Like a Pro, The Advanced course, The online Facilitation training, and the nine month Practitioner training). Julia is certified by Dr Batty Martin to facilitate The Wheel of Consent. 

What Julia says….“I gained insight into pleasure, old shame patterns, healthy boundaries, and perhaps most importantly greater understanding of what I want and how to communicate it. I love that a few years on, it has become more “normal” for me to not only know what I want and to value it, but to also communicate it. I also feel much more ease in accepting what others want. I’m still learning about myself through The Wheel of Consent as a tool of personal transformation and seeing the unfurling of desire and fulfilment in my life. I get great pleasure in sharing this work with others”. Julia, 2019. 

Do email me to join, or to arrange a chat if you have any questions – Julia.