The Heroine’s Journey- Brighton – Monday evenings November 2022

DATES: From Monday 7th November, six consecutive weeks ending 12th November.

TIMES: 7.30pm to 9.30pm  *Our final week on the 12th December will start at 7pm and end at 10pm for shared food and celebration.

VENUE:  Anahata, 119/120 Edward street BN2 OJL

INVESTMENT: Sliding scale: unwaged £80, regular price £125, supportive role £160 - this helps to enable a lower fee for unwaged women.

A six week group and a supportive space for female belonging, healing with practical tools for growth. 
We may be familiar with the "Hero’s Journey” but what about the” Heroine’s Journey” and what is different for women on the path of growth and becoming? 
We are living in an extraordinary time where most of our societal systems are collapsing, and we face a world crisis. Many questions may arise at this time, such as:
Who are our Elders, and where do we turn for wisdom and authentic leadership? 
How can we make sense and bring meaning to our daily life?
Looking at grief and decent-experience, how can we find ways to extract the gold from deep human context and loss?
What is the difference between disembodied trauma and an awakening type experience? 
How do we heal differently in “community” as women? Is our nervous system more regulated from having a place where we can be really seen, and ask for what we want or need? 
What role can the power of prayer/meditation add, in supporting us to tap into our pure creative force?
If quantum physics is right, and we are each a part  of Unity-consciousness, how can we tap into our pure creative power to be part of this incredible time of waking-up, rather than laying dormant? 
This course will offer ways to harness this innate creative power and capacity to live in service in the best way for our life, and all our relationships.
What to expect on this course:
There will be a mix of talk, discussion, practice, embodiment, breath-work, and sacred ritual. There will be a mix of sitting, movement, breathing techniques and possible use of voice through sounding or song. Everything is an invitation and your personal choice will also be respected.
One of the ways in which many people can sense more of a feeling of safety in a group setting is for it to be a confidential space; there will be an agreement about this in the group at the start. 
Topics we will explore through discussion, embodiment and practice:
Introductions to the course and each other - "these times" and why sacred connection matters
The Hero's journey versus the Heroine journey?
Befriending - oneself and each other 
The nervous system, interdependence and consent
Power, privilege and accountability
Togetherness, belonging and co-regulation
Giving and receiving support within the group /  the difference between wanting and willing, and asking and offering
The power of creativity 
Story, myth and archetype 
Challenge and growth
The Dark Night of the Soul
The power of prayer
Moving forwards in your life, finding your way
In the last week there will be information about ongoing support, and we will celebrate together and partake of shared food.
Who is the course for? 
Women who are yearning for greater meaning, depth, connection and purpose. With total respect to gender diversity and trans folk, this is a group for cis women who have experienced their whole lives as women and the gender-identity and conditioning which may accompany this. 
To provide a place to gather as women, to create a sacred container out of our usual day to day.
To offer process, reflection and integration.
To encourage you to take the next steps in your evolution; to actualise who you yearn to be, and to live and serve the world from this place.
About Julia
Julia has been working with people since 2021, through her love of acupuncture. Since then she has done many additional training and personal development courses. Julia is certified as a Tantra facilitator, and The Wheel of Consent. Julia strives to bring her understanding of trauma and ways to resolve it into all she does. The biggest teacher has been LIFE! 
I have been preparing for this time for a very long time, as perhaps you have too. Join me as I have much to share with you at this important time. We can become more together than we can separately. With love, Julia. 
For any questions and to sign-up please email