Play-day for adults! – Brighton – Sat 6th July 2019

DATE: 6th July 2019

VENUE: Energy for Life, 75 Sussex Street, Brighton BN2 0HL  (Opposite number 72 Sussex Street). FREE parking at the venue!

START TIME: 1.30pm
END TIME: 7.30pm

Early-bird discount £60  (until 1st June)
Regular price £70
Payment required in advance.
Click here for details of how to pay.

Play is a powerful antidote to the demons of our modern culture…. Isolation, depression, lack of meaning and diminished social bonding. When we play, in fun and safe ways we bring back our impulse for life, and feel more relaxed and happy. It’s really fun too!

This workshop will involve warm-up games which can help to open us up psychologically and physically. When we remember how to play we relax, naturally start to feel more connected and safe.

Then we will move into some “Ritual Play” structures. This is play which happens between two or sometimes more adults in a defined space with a defined time. We check in first to feel safe with body awareness and any boundaries. The space is there to invite us back into out natural impulse; our response to life you could say. Within agreed limits, anything can happen such as any gesture, any emotion, or sound but it’s a non-verbal space.

Julia has previously lead Ritual Play as part of The Wheel of Consent groups, and as a day purely for play. Some people are ready to “jump in”, others have been tentative, and fearful. However everyone decided to try it, and most people were surprised at how good and natural they felt in coming back to fun and play. Everyone said they had a positive experience.

Ritual Play was created by Marina Kronkvist, you can find more about this on her site Julia attended a weekend of Ritual Play with Marina in Holland.

Do feel free to contact Julia for any other information about this fun day.