Dance-Connect! – Brighton – Sat’ 4th Dec’ 2021

DATE: Saturday 4th December 2021.

VENUE: Energy for Life, 75 Sussex Street, Brighton BN2 0HL  (Opposite number 72 Sussex Street).

TIMES: (arrive just before)  7:30pm start.  Ends 10.00pm.

PRICE: £22 in advance - ONLY. 

Click here  to pay now.  

I'm loving our recent dances. Hopefully we'll be on regularly now each first Saturday of the month!

Dance-Connect is dance and much more. Yes, an opportunity to dance and socially engage; also a time to step out of doing in life and connect. Connect with what?

* with yourself
* with other
* with group / tribe
* with environment / spirit


Regarding our "post-pandemic reality" each individual will have their own relationship of what safety is for them. I'd like to encourage awareness and consent with regards choice and physical space around people. I will address this at the start of the evening. In terms of hygiene the venue is cleaned and aired before and after each class.  

Healthy human connection so important to us as social creatures. There are so many ways we can relate and feel nourished by one another such as: eye contact, shared emotion, gesture, speed of movement, rhythm and breath. The music is a powerful force of unity, as are feeling of joy, strength and celebration. 

This is a led group, incorporating dance, meditations, conscious touch and ritual. Each month is different, but aims to create a structure where each person can have an experience of opening up to their own inner sensation, potential pleasure, and ability to experiment with what feels fun and nourishing for them in a group situation. No one does anything they don't want to do. The group invites each person to develop self-care, in terns of personal boundaries, and it's encouraged that a person can participate by either exploring an exercise or at any time sitting to the side to have some personal space. Simultaneously there is an invitation to be in "community-care" and to engage with others in a safe and nourishing way.

These groups are a place to get exercise; dancing is so good for body, mind and spirit. It’s also a place to explore and experiment with personal boundaries and touch in a safe space, finding new ways to get healthy, nourishing touch. Also invited is the sacred aspect of life, which can be reached through breath-work, stillness and meditations which are woven into the evening structure. This can bring a space for an individual to find their own inner meaning and guidance. This becomes more important in our busy, technological world to make space for inner sanctuary and finding personal wisdom.

Dance-Connects aims to be a safe, fun atmosphere and acts as a detox from the business of life! Many people have said they leave feeling expansive and uplifted! Regular attendance offers a place to practice the development our creative expression, ease in our body, social interaction and overall wellbeing. Frequent practice supports our humanity, for ourself, each other and the world we live in.

Who's it for?

* humans who are interested in feeling, transforming & creating

* adults who love to dance 

* people with lots of dance, embodiment practice & those with less

* Queer-friendly

Julia brings a varied toolbox from trainings in Biodanza, Tantra, The Wheel of Consent and Ritual Play. She always aims to provide trauma-aware, consensual facilitation.

If you're not sure if it's for you please contact Julia.

£22 in advance. 

Why not drop in and try a class. FIRST TIMER to one of Julia’s events? FIRST CLASS HALF PRICE! Been coming for a while and bringing a new friend? You BOTH get in for HALF PRICE! Please make contact and pay prior to the day.