Creating personal resilience – in times of global crisis – from 8th March 2021

Date: Monday’s from 8th March for six weeks. *Free intro’ on Monday 1st March. 

Where? Online – Zoom 

Start time: 7pm
End time: by 9pm. 

£70 in advance.

Payment required in advance.
Click here for details of how to pay.

What is resilience and how can we create more of it? How does resilience look emotionally, physically and spiritually? These are some of the questions this six-week online course seeks to address and facilitate. 

Julia will bring her experience from working with health (acupuncture)  running workshops (intimacy and consent) and coaching (individuals and couples) into this new six-week online course at a time when people can benefit personally and socially. 

Julia experienced her own “dark night of the soul,” and crisis of going through cancer. She became very interested in how to be with difficult feelings, how to transform them, and to create greater strength, health and appreciation of being alive. This also led to a passion for understanding trauma, how to resolve it, and creating the life we dream of living. 

5 minute video about this course

What to expect?

  • practical tools to support daily inspired living
  • group interaction and sharing
  • support

Topics included:

  • the nervous system and wellbeing
  • trauma and resilience 
  • why as humans we are “social” and how it’s crucial for healing
  • specific tools for supporting emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing
  • personal goal setting and creating your plan of action for change
  • boundaries, choice, consent

Who is the course for?

  • all adults welcome
  • any person who wants to increase their wellbeing and personal potential 
  • people interested in personal transformation supporting global change

How might I benefit?

  • discover the areas of your life most need resilience 
  • learn new and fun ways to create feeling better in yourself
  • create a personal goal and a practical structure for getting there
  • motivation, inspiration
  • enjoy weekly fun, informative, social contact in like-minded community
  • personal change which improves your lived experience 

Financial cost: 

Currently this course is offered at £70 for the six week group (more than 50% off the full price). In return I ask for a brief personal testimonial if you find the course useful, and some patience as it’s the first time I’m facilitating online! 

*If you want to do the course and are currently financially struggling, please contact me and we can arrange something to suit your needs. 

Questions? Feel free to drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you! 

Be the change you seek! Inspire your life today.