Couples Tantra “The Goddess Array” – Brighton – 17th November 2018

Date: Saturday 17th November
Unity Studio, 130-131 Lewes Rd. Brighton BN2 3LG

Start time: 2.15pm
Ends: 5.30pm

Per couple £65 early-bird discount. (until 27th October). £80 regular price. 

Payment required in advance.
Click here for details of how to pay. 

Why do women like to receive flowers? What difference do candles make to a romantic evening? How does the scent of your partner actually affect you? Do these things play greater significance on female physiology, psychology and sexuality than we have realised? 

Naomi Wolf, author of “Vagina” would say yes. This is a brilliant book which takes a new look at important connections between the brain and sex in women. How do key hormones and neurotransmitters affect sexual response and pleasure? The capacity of orgasmic pleasure affects a woman’s confidence in and outside of the bedroom, and ultimately her relationship with her own empowerment, or not!

In her groundbreaking book Vagina, Wolf describes “The Goddess Array” which describes specific aspects of relating which can profoundly affect a women, opening her up to greater capacity for experiencing connection, pleasure and orgasmic potential. Interestingly Wolf found the only cultural context which had an similar understanding of Goddess was Tantra. 

During this afternoon we will start to look at The Goddess array; “that set of behaviours and practices that should precede or accompany lovemaking.” This will be an experiential, clothes-on workshop for couples, and intimate friends who wish to practice these beautiful relationship tools. 

The afternoon will be mostly focussed on how to give to the woman, by what supports and opens her, however it will be a delicious bonding space, so men enjoyment and pleasure will absolutely be there for you too! 

Julia has led workshops in intimacy, relationship and sensuality since 2010. Using tools from Tantra, and The Wheel of Consent Julia supports couples and individuals into discovering more of what they want, and how to communicate artfully to create more fulfilling relationships with oneself and others. Julia works in Brighton running workshops and private sessions.

“The recent Tantra day in Brighton with Julia was excellent. My partner and I found it playful and fun at times and deeply profound at others. It gave the two of us a chance to explore different ways of connecting and we have continued to effectively use the teachings in our lives since the workshop”. Lars and Janet ages 51/52, Research Fellow and Marketing Consultant. Brighton.