“Thank you for facilitating a really beautiful experience in the  “Exploring Feminine Essence” Tantra afternoon.   I had no expectations of the day and was astonished at how powerful yet tender it was.  It was a hugely healing and nurturing afternoon.  You enabled all of us to enter our heartspace within a very short time and to celebrate ourselves and each other.  I will be back. With love and gratitude xx”

Kate. 46. management consultant, Godalming. (Exploring Feminine Essence workshop).


“The recent Tantra day in Brighton with Julia was excellent. My partner and I found it playful and funny at times and deeply profound at others. It gave the two of us a chance to explore different ways of connecting and we have continued to effectively use the teachings in our lives since the workshop”.

Lars and Janet ages 51/52, Research Fellow and Marketing Consultant. Brighton. (A Taste of Tantra workshop.)


“My partner Kate and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves throughout the private couples session. Julia created a lovely relaxed environment for us to feel completely comfortable, while she clearly explained various tantra exercises that we have continued to practice regularly at home on our way. This has helped us gain a much deeper connection and as a result improved our sex life tremendously! I would definitely recommend Julia’s Tantra sessions to any couple who are looking to take their relationship to a higher place, trust me you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

Steve, age 32. (Private couples Tantra session.)


“A memory of an traumatic incident surfaced really strongly during one of the exercises [forgiveness?] and because I felt it was a safe space to allow myself to let go of this I was able to move through the situation. Considering I was about 4 years old when this incident happened and I hadn’t really done anything about it in the intervening 53 years, it was amazing that it roared up and out …..and then expired! Oh fantastic, truly fantastic!!

I really hadn’t been expecting anything like that and I think its testament to your own high level of skills about keeping the space open and safe enough that it allows people’s “stuff” to emerge and clear when they are emotionally ready.

I was pretty amazed”.

Christine Harris. Retired teacher. Age 57. Hove. (New Man, New Woman workshop.)


“Julia’s workshop consisted of active meditations and rituals. She created a safe and nurturing environment for us to explore our sense of self and the feminine within us. I will carry those positive experiences with me into the future”.

Amanda, 45, Teacher, Brighton. (Exploring Feminine Essence workshop.)


“I came to the Tantra workshop with a fear of mine and other’s sexuality and general being in many ways.  I’d just started a new relationship and knew that my old way of being physical didn’t work.  I used women and I always ended up viewing sex as a taking or a giving, rather than a sharing. I also avoided true intimacy of any kind.

The day was well managed, peaceful and mainly about the self.  It was also fully clothed and safe. I enjoyed the opening reading about consumption especially.  I really appreciated it as a statement of reality.  I felt it connected what was about to happen in the group as something linked to the real world.  I sometimes feel “spiritual types” are too apolitical,  Anyway i’m digressing.

The Self Love path to Intimacy day gave me a chance to come back to myself and feel good about my sexuality and me.  It also gave me a chance to see others as nature has actually created them.  Rather than how the critical part of my mind would like to judge them.  Julia has the balance right between gentleness and creating effective boundaries.  If anyone is feeling disconnected from themselves, sexually or just in general, or they want a positivity boost, I’d recommend her workshops”.

Male, 42, teacher, superstar/stud/all round legend. (Self Love; the path to Intimacy workshop) 


“I found the Tantra day connected me deeply to my internal being and helped me to understand more about myself. The afternoon was held beautifully by Julia and with the other women in the group, it was a very moving experience”. 

Nicola, age 51, explorer, Brighton. (Exploring Feminine Essence workshop.) 


“Julia is an inspiring and confident teacher. Her lightness, passion and gentle coaxing made it a fun adventure to explore. I loved the chakra meditation – great way to release tension, and the laughter meditation as well. Beautiful ways to open the body for a deeper and more sensual perception. Thank you so much!”

Verena. Brighton.


“The private couples tantra session was very interesting and well thought out.  Julia makes you feel very comfortable.  The exercises we were given to practice have really helped us to deepen our connection to each other. We have also both felt more relaxed about our relationship.  Thank you”.

 Kate, age 32 (private couples Tantra session.)


“Thank you Julia, for inviting me to this beautiful event.

You’ve created a safe and sensitive space, a nest for flowers to blossom. I feel grateful and blessed to have shared this tantra workshop”.

Rachel, Brighton. ( Self-love path to intimacy workshop.)


“I found the day to be very profound. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I came, and how glad I am that my boyfriend was able to participate as well. We’ve already seen some powerful shifts in our relationship, on many levels. I found a shift within myself, as well. I’ve been very ‘disciplined’ with my yoga and as a result, some of the pleasure has been lost from my life. The meditations helped to rekindle this in me. My yoga teacher, also practices tantra and we have integrated many of these principles in our training.  In a way, your workshop helped me to bring these concepts together more, which is one of the things I really wanted to explore through that workshop.

Also, I wanted to say that you are a beautiful and inspirational teacher. I admired your ability to dive into the practice and take us all along with you. You are brilliant and grounded. The experiences are profound”.

Anon, Brighton participant (A Taste of Tantra workshop) 


“This day was WONDERFUL – thank you! I found it at least as powerful as Biodanza, and this has quite enthused me to go to do more Tantra!”

Paul, Brighton.


“Mention the word Tantra, and most people think it’s all naked bodies and rampant sex, and I suppose I too had a small worry that might be the case. But I was pleasantly surprised (and relieved!) when I attended Julia’s Taste of Tantra workshop and found that I didn’t have to rip my clothes off and dance around naked!  It was my first foray into the world of Tantra and, despite my initial nervousness, I had a thoroughly wonderful time!  Julia held a space in which it felt safe to explore the meditations and exercises without feeling self-conscious or scared. My favourite exercise was the chakra meditation which had a surprisingly profound effect on me which lasted for a week or so after the workshop. I would highly recommend going to this workshop if you have an interest in exploring Tantra and would like to do so in a safe, fun and loving environment”.

Jenny, age 47. IT Analyst. Horsham, W.Sussex. (A Taste of Tantra workshop.)


“Julia, just wanted to say that yesterday’s Tantra was really amazing. You are a fantastic facilitator and the content was brilliant. I learned so much and felt sooooo good at the end of the day. Thank you!”

Sonja Turner, Brighton, Uk. (A Taste of Tantra workshop.)


“I expanded my understanding of Tantric experience today. I was able to move my vital and sexual energy throughout my body. I felt the presence of orgasmic energy”.

Hulya Ozturk, Istanbul, Turkey. (Tantra & Biodanza workshop in Istanbul.)


“It was fascinating to experience orgasmic energy in my body. It was natural and fluid. I felt full and I felt playful within this wholeness. I’d like to take this experience and integrate it into my life. I had the opportunity of being me. Thank you”.

Canan Bekdik, Istanbul, Turkey. (Tantra & Biodanza workshop in Istanbul.)