Tantra for individuals

Julia holds a selection of varied Tantra days which are open to individuals. Couples are most welcome to join these days also. There are some meditations done by oneself, others done in pairs, some are in small groups or a group as a whole. You may come by yourself and find others to participate with, or bring a special friend or partner to deepen your relationship with. There are some Tantra days specifically designed for couples only, please see the “Tantra for Couples” page.

A Taste of Tantra

This day will de-mystify Tantra, giving you a deep, yet safe experience of Tantric techniques enabling you to increase your pleasure and experience of life. Some exercises and mediation’s are done by yourself, some in connection with another, some with the group. You may like to invite a special partner with you as the day will encourage a deepening of your relationship. If you come by yourself you will find other friendly people in a supportive group environment to practice beautiful meditations with. A great day to begin with if you’re new to Tantra.

Self Love; the path to Intimacy

This day is designed for those who came to the “Taste of Tantra” day previously, and also for those who have some experience of Tantra, or similar processes of self-awareness. Find new pathways of expanded pleasure within our own body and go deeper into a profound relationship with our own life. During this journey we have much fun a sensorial delight! This is the route to ecstatic living. During this day will will be diving further into our relationship with life-flow, and how we meet existence, opening to our natural sensuous essence. Finding more clarity in what we really want, healing gender divisions, discovering new routes of pleasure in our body opens us to greater empowerment and joy.

Dig Deep, Fly High

An exploration into pleasure, sexuality, heart and fulfilment. Through the use of Tantric meditations, group sharing, breathing techniques, sound and ritual this day is an opportunity to discover more about what you truly desire to be fulfilled. We all receive ideas and conditioning around sexuality which can led to habits and ways of being which may not bring us into out deepest bliss. This day will help you to realise what is true to you and what may be released to bring you into deeper fulfilment at the levels of sexuality and heart. A day to attend if you’d like to explore a little deeper.

Living As Love

Exploring ideas and experience of what love really is and how we can bring more moment to moment experience of living as love. The day includes group exercises and practices to heal gender divisions and create better understanding of masculine and feminine. How is life connected with death, and how can we be more fully alive each day with meaning?Living as Love is a moment by moment choice, whether it’s love through passion, sexuality, compassion, or sacred-perspective. How can we chose the path of love instead of settling for something less, so that we may live our passion and be fulfilled each day?

New Man, New Woman

An afternoon in honour of the man or woman you are; how can we bring a new perspective to our sense of identity and what is the “New” man and “New” woman in todays contemporary culture? Most of us learnt limited concepts about our own gender as well as the other gender. Are you living a life of ease, sensuality and bliss as the man or woman you are, or do limited notions and conditioning affect your freedom of identity and your relating to the other gender?

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