Radically Improve Your Relationship in one afternoon! – Brighton – 8th September

Date: Saturday 8th September
Unity Studio, 130-131 Lewes Rd. Brighton BN2 3LG

Start time: 2.15pm
Ends: 5.30pm

Per couple £65 early-bird discount. (until 23rd August). £80 regular price.

Payment required in advance.
Click here for details of how to pay.

An afternoon for couples or intimate friends who want to practice the art of relating.

What makes a great relationship?

Relationships can not only be fun and enriching, they are core to are very survival as social creatures. We literally need each other for our mental sanity and our journey through life. Relationships can be challenging, but can also offer an amazing forum to transform ourself, as we can act as powerful mirrors in intimacy.

This afternoon is designed for couples, or intimate friends who would like to practice the art of relating. Just think for a moment what works for you in a great relationship… When you feel heard? When you feel seen? When you feel comfortable to express what’s important to you? What happens in your body when you feel fantastic in relationship?

Relationships commonly feel exciting and alive at the start, and then become less so, or even hard work, or disappointing. This can have a huge impact on many aspects of our life. We can consciously work with conscious relating by using tools which support our embodiment, our choice, our listening capacity, our breathing. This can bring a whole new perspective and ease where our relationship becomes something inspiring again.

You will learn simple but powerful techniques which will support you back into empowerment in relating. These will be easy to take home, so you have tools to consciously “opt in” rather that fall into negative old habits in relating. Come if you are in a couple, come if you’d like to practice with an intimate friend. This is a clothed workshop.

Julia has led workshops in intimacy, relationship and sensuality since 2010. Using tools from Tantra, and The Wheel of Consent Julia supports couples and individuals into discovering more of what they want, and how to communicate artfully to create more fulfilling relationships with oneself and others. Julia works in Brighton running workshops and private sessions.