Private Sessions

Pleasure Coaching for Empowerment sessions are for men and women to come for one to one focused time to create more of what they want in their life. There are many reasons people come to see me including the desire to feel more sexually alive and confident, to become bolder in asking for what they want, to be heard in a non judgemental, safe space, and to be in a sex positive environment where sexual shame and wounding can be aired and released. People may also come for conscious touch and pure fun and pleasure!

I feel passionate about supporting others to become more empowered in them self. The sessions I run are person centred, meaning I am sensitive to where the person’s at, and ultimately I want to coax out of them what it is they’d love to experience more of, and to help them get that. So I don’t turn up with a set routine, each session really is unique and the individual dictates the intensity at which we progress as feel right for them. This is to honour where they are, and also not to overwhelm them with some experience that may be too much for them to integrate. I feel it’s essential for the possibility of gradually moving into greater personal empowerment.

During a session we speak about where you’re at, and I offer techniques that may appeal to you as we progess through the session. My toolbox includes Tantric meditations, breath work, Daoist sexual energy practices, conscious and sensual touch (this can be holding, massage, or specific touch techniques) and “The Wheel of Consent” work from Betty Martin. Basically I draw on techniques from many of the trainings and life experience I’ve had over many years. You will be given choices and I encourage you only to do what feels really good for you.

To begin with we usually exchange a few emails, then we can talk on the phone prior to booking a session. I like to work with people who are genuinely interested in becoming more empowered and I love the continuity of session work which provides a tailored environment personal to you to create more of what you want in your life and to feel fantastic!

Tantra for Couples sessions are private sessions for couples who prefer to do this in the privacy of their relationship rather than the group contact of a Tantra workshop. We chat about what each partner wants more of and a bit about how each person feels the relationship is. I offer Tantric meditations for the couple to practice. Often couples find new ways of creating more intimate time together and enjoy bringing in theses loving, enlivening practices into their everyday life.