Refection into present moment

Present into depth

Depth into reality

Reality into mortality

Mortality into eternal

Eternal into wonder 

Present moment refection on the precious

Life mirroring life

If we live life almost exclusively from our mind, adhering habitually to a busy schedule of activity we may have little time for reflection, for contemplation. If so do we then miss some of the depth, the juice of life? The season of winter has an inward pull energetically, inviting inner wonder if we are willing.

Walking in nature brings an ease of reflective possibility. Nature reveals cycles of growth, maturity, blossoming, decay and death. When we are connected to nature it’s likely we spontaneously reflect on these facts of life and the nature of transformation within our own being.

As I walked in a barren landscape today the wind howled across the land, the trees stood naked and nature was stripped back to her bare essence, the attire of winter. As I observed I remembered the bright full days of summer and was reminded again of the constancy of change.

In acknowledging nature revealing death to me,

I feel my own mortality. As life and death are so intertwined, when I experience “death”, I naturally re-experience life, as a deeper appreciation of the present. I admire the brutal truth of the trees waving their bare bodies in the low winter light, the condensation and core of life without frills and appendages.

In our contemporary culture there is so much focus on the external, on excitement and speed of acquisition.  Often the desire for more possessions and experiences keeps us wanting more, each one not satiating the desire to own, to possess. We live in a consumer culture which didn’t exist fifty years ago. Yet if we find we are not satiated by such material possessions, what then? What really satisfies us. What has real meaning in our life?

The practice of Tantra invites us into the nature of who we are stimulating a natural curiosity about our own nature and a possibility for deep reflection of one’s life. What drives me? What am I bringing to the world? What do I really desire? Who am I?

Similarly in love-making Tantra guides us into yin style love making, the possibility of a type of deep, sensual sinking into ourself and our lover. If we only engage in the more active, yang aspect of sexuality we will likely miss this depth and beauty, trying to attain thrill or excitement. When we allow a relaxation of agenda, of action, of everything infact, we can drop deeper into love’s profundity. From the depth we will naturally rise again into an even greater wave of pleasure, we don’t need to force or seek this.

Winter is the natural time of reflection, bringing a possibility of relating with the essence of life. Can we sink into the heart of our experience? Shall we make space to reflect of our own accord or wait until death or some shocking life event brings it’s own rude awakening…  to stop, watch and listen to existence, the beauty, the pulsing of our beating human heart.


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