FREE evening Intro’: The Wheel of Consent – Brighton – 11th June 2018

DATE Monday 11th June 2018
Anahata Health, Brighton


Free evening, open to all, but do contact if you’d like to join the group.

This is a FREE evening introducing The Wheel of Consent, created by Dr Betty Martin.

Come and meet me to learn some of the benefits of The Wheel of Consent, ask questions and enjoy an evening together discovering how we can create more clarity and fulfilment in relating. The Wheel of Consent is rapidly gaining popularity because it’s so useful and so needed! 

When we separate  “what we are doing”, and “who it is for” in relating, we can get clear about giving and receiving. This has broad implications in intimacy, pleasure and empowerment.

Drop Julia an email or phone call if you’d like to attend this fun informal evening!

The Wheel of Consent weekend is happening on 16th and 17th June in Brighton, here’s the event link: