Each month TantraDance is an event of dance, meditation, connection and magic in Brighton!

An exciting new extravaganza marrying dance and tantra. There will be high energy dance at the start using an eclectic mix of electronic and world music to bring us into celebration and freedom of being. Dances of connection, contact and sensuality will soothe the wandering mind bringing us into real connection in a playful and beautiful way. There will be space to enter deeper into merging with bliss and sensing the divine within the body, incarnating and actualising ecstatic aliveness. Dances of freedom within a guided evening offer a unique journey of fun, pleasure and wonder, and a sprinkling of Tantric mystery!

Wear clothes you feel beautiful and free to move in, feel free to wear something creative, sexy or mystical! You may like to bring a change of clothes for after. Bring a bottle of water.

There will be eye contact, sensual expression and the possibility to journey into deeper states of expanded awareness in TantraDance.

If you`d like to come but you`re unsure, or you want to have a chat first contact Julia, please call now for more information or to book Mobile 07800 763 104.


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