VitalDanza is a guided class using movement, dance and meditations. The use of inspiring music from around the world, a supportive group and positive intention creates powerful experience of “waking up” to the best version of ourself which we can be. VitalDanza is a technique which takes us on a journey from fun, upbeat dances at the start into more relaxed and often profound meditations and dances as the class progresses. Each class has a particular theme to encourage the expression and poetry of our human nature and expression. Every class honours the feeling nature of the people who come to the group, welcoming everyone, and nurturing the capacity for fun, natural movement and compassion within all of us.

VitaDanza classes are open to everyone, no previous experience needed. Come and see how fun and inspiring it is! It keeps you fit and healthy too! We will learn to connect to our body more, this helps us be “in tune” with our self physically, and helps our mind be more at peace. We will explore dance, expression, vitality and will feel more connection with our own sense of vitality, and our joyful connection with life and love.

Please arrive five or ten minutes before 8pm. £10.

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