Conscious Kink Weekender, plus party! – Brighton – 9/10th March 2019

DATE 9th, 10th March 2019
Anahata Health, Brighton

Saturday 11.00am – 11.00pm Sat
Sunday 11am to 1pm

£100 early-bird discount.
£120 after 9th February.

We also have a limited number of bursary places for those who would otherwise be unable to attend. Please contact us if that applies to you.

Payment required in advance.

Click here for details of how to pay.

What tools, support, and inspiration do you need to confidently, safely and enjoyably attend a Conscious Kink Play Party? This event is another collaboration between Julia and Rupert, in which we aim to provide you with exactly that!

During Saturday day-time we will take you through the core themes of our weekend and debunk some of the myths about kink. With a conscious or sacred intention, kink can be practised for: experiencing ecstasy… exploring the ‘shadow’… stepping into your power… shamanic journeying… consensual surrender… creating sacred ritual… opening to intimacy whilst respecting sexual boundaries…and simply having fun!

We will introduce sensation and impact play, practice honest communication and consent, look at building energy, safe-words and aftercare, and also step briefly into the emotional landscapes of domination and submission. We will practice making use of Consent Cards to guide you through a scene, and also offer an outline of the Wheel of Consent as an additional tool to help get our consent skills even better.

There will be a spacious early evening dinner break, so you can rest, have something to eat, and get changed into something you’d like to party in. Then we’ll hold an opening circle, giving everyone an opportunity to clarify our intentions, desires and offerings before we begin. The party itself will be a held, ritual space in which support will be available throughout. This will be a strictly no-drugs-or-alcohol space.

On Sunday morning we’ll meet together for a couple of hours for some sharing and circle-time to debrief and bring questions about our experiences. Soft, supportive landings!

Beginners and the more experienced are very welcome to join us, as are people of all genders and orientations, singles, couples and other relationship constellations.

Sat 11am – 11pm (with spacious early evening dinner break)
Sun 11am – 1pm

Cost: £120 / £100 early bird if paid in full before 9 February 2019.
To book, please email, or simply visit this link

Julia and Rupert are both facilitators-in-training of the Wheel of Consent at Betty Martin’s international School of Consent. See:

To see more about Julia’s work, see:

To see more about Rupert’s work see: and

We’d love it if you feel called to join us!
Julia and Rupert