About Julia

Here is a description about my life, following it is a simpler CV.

Recent years

In February 2010 I organised an intensive five-day Biodanza workshop in Thailand, which my teacher Patricia came to teach. This was very exciting for me, to bring a teacher whom I love to a place which has been very close to my heart for most of my life. It was the first time Patricia had been to this place where Biodanza was almost unknown; quite adventurous for both of us. The workshop was a resounding success and was very well attended with over thirty people from many different countries, it’s remembered as a inspirational event by all who attended. By that point I had organised three workshops with three teachers all from different countries (see CV), each time with plenty of foreign travel and flights as part of the complex equation of organising such events. I learned much in the process, and developed closer friendship with each of these women who came to teach. I realised from that point onwards I felt ready and inspired to be a teacher. In September the same year I began teaching two Biodanza classes a week in Brighton with dear friend and colleague Helen Thatcher. After almost a year of teaching and mutual learning we each began to run Biodanza groups independently.

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Journey into adulthood, and path to Tantra and Biodanza

At nineteen I went to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia for a few months. This trip stimulated my appetite for travel, setting up a long standing relationship with Asia. I spent years living in natural environments, particularly south Thailand in a tropical jungle. It’s a place I’ve felt very connected with nature, a place still dear to my heart. At times I was simply getting some well needed space in my life, to integrate and settle in myself. Other times I got very much involved in various spiritual practices. I spent six months doing five hours of Tai Chi each day in a school in Thailand where I lived and helped out. I’ve practised yoga in four ashrams in India. Over many years I’ve sat a dozen Vipassana retreats; where I spent ten days from four in the morning until nine or ten in the evening in intensive silent meditation. It’s an amazing process to look deeply into own one’s mind, and to see the possibility of transcending habitual mind patterns, discovering a consciousness more vast. An experience I’d recommend everyone try at least once!

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Teenage years

As a teenager I became much more self-expressive and confident. Age thirteen I discovered parties and nightclubs. This London social life increased over my teenage years, and for some time I lived for nightclubs, music and friends! Some of those early party experiences gave me an insight into what it is to feel the freedom and liberation of dance, and the unity of “tribe” which can be felt amongst a group of dancers. At school I mostly enjoyed the arts, painting and English literature, I was also very athletic and competitive loving swimming, horse riding, running, basketball and skiing. After college and A’levels I couldn’t wait to see more of the world. I became interested in complimentary medicine and healing as a teenager. This was definitely influenced by my mother who introduced me to astrology, yoga, chanting and the teachings of Krishnamurti. These subjects were quite unusual in the Thatcherite Britain of the 1980’s… how things have changed! Age seventeen I went for a course of Acupuncture, in retrospect this inspiring, healing experience sowed seeds for my later studying and working with Acupuncture.


I grew up in London primarily, though moved around a lot as a child, living in Glasgow, Jersey and Hertfordshire before moving back to London by age six. I felt a reciprocal, deep love with my parents, however due to both of them experiencing personal difficulties in life I was separated from one or both for years at a time. My experience of childhood was unsettled with many changes in geographic location and parental figures. The world seemed a confusing and scary place. Inside me was the intuition that I had to ride this part of life out and that one day things would be quite different, that the world could be a happier place. I was a quiet, shy, sensitive child with vivid imagination which was possibly my saving grace. I loved music from an early age, also dancing beginning with kids ballet age six, then regular disco dance classes age eleven, including a performance in front of the school assembly! It was quite a creative school, however as I remember this was quite an unusual event for our conservative morning gathering!


2012 Teaching weekly Biodanza classes and workshops (since 2010). Professional Acupuncturist (since 2001).

2011-2012 Biodanza training level 2 with Patricia Martello, Biodanza Vital Development. June 2011 Organised Tantra Woman weekend for women, taught by Santoshi Amor.

2009-2011 Biodanza training level 1 with Patricia Martello, Biodanza Vital Development. September 2011 Assisted Mahasatvaa Sarita in a week long Tantra retreat in Poland.

2007-2010 Tantra training over three years with Mahasatvaa Sarita, School of Awakening. February 2010 Organised five day Biodanza workshop in Thailand, taught by Patricia Martello.

2007 Taoist training, levels 1-4. Mantak Chia energy practice. london School of Shiatsu. November 2007 Organised weekend Mystical Goddess workshop, taught by Monika Nataraj.

2003 Acting classes, the Drill Hall, Goodge Street, london. Weekly classes over two terms culminating in a public theatre performance.

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